oooooooooooooh yeahhhhh

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh yyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess wat i got!?

i got this awesome awesome awesome gun. | gun?


the air-pumped-rocketlauncher, THE TITAN ASV 1

this is real cool

and not only does it come alone,

it comes with another 2 guns!

on the bottom of the UNITY-N-STRIKE-POWA-SYSTEM THINGY is the also air-pumped hornet (detachable)

and also look back up to the unity-power-system and you might see a pistol coming out of the side, that’s why there is a button that launches it on the unity-power-system

zoom in on the circled part, ( to zoom in, keep Ctrl pressed and scroll the mouse up or down[up for in, down for out]) and you will see that the button, that launches the blaster


bout’ mavericks

this post will be mainly about mavericks.

remember on my first post, i put the sonic series for display? that is not the only color, the are many (well….4, but you can repaint it) different colors: 

sonic and clear are both see through plastic, it’s just that sonic is green plastic, don’t think they painted it, because paint jobs totally make it not see through. maverick is the most best tactical/solo missions! Don’t know what i mean? Well me my bro and my dad kinda use these guns as a war game (i don’t think your supposed to use it for anything else) and sometimes when i get shot like 100 times in a row, i just fall down and die and then my bro comes and kills my dad, stuff like that. if your buying a nerf maverick for a kid, they will have a hard time pulling back the cock thingy, i got used to it.  as you can see on the pic above there is a yellow and blue maverick, nerf stopped making those but it’s ok because you can just paint it like that if you want. The yellow and black maverick is the original, all the other colors are stronger then the original. | There are some really really crazy nerf maverick mods out there, like this one:

and that’s kinda useless because who needs to put blades on a toy gun? (BTW those are real REAL blades). but yeah, people love to mod their nerf guns, like to the point where it’s not even a nerf gun anymore…I LOVE MODDING TOOOOOOOOOOO

what else is more fun then making the gun the way YOU like?

gettin to know it

Like the title, i got  used to using it and it was really fun, i found out about two other guns that i bought, the raider cs-35:  , i believe there is a mistake in this picture because it says raider cs-5, when it’s supposed to say cs-35. this is the raider cs-35 fully assembled with attachable shoulder piece and the  35 dart drum, to fire: pull back the handle then push the handle forward again then click the trigger, i bought this gun and it was really fun to have a high ammunition gun, after awhile this got a terrible jam, because i sticked a mag in it (mag = magazine[nerf mag{      k?}]) and it really got jammed because the mag is not supposed to go in the raider cs-35, but it can, but it might jam…and it did, so yeah…

The other gun was the battery-powered stampede ecs:

soo… i started to get really into nerf and modding nerf, the easiest modification is this:

drum in a mag gun,

mag in a drum gun, almost sounds like “mag in a drum mug” or “gum in a drum bug”

and as you can see on the picture above, it correctly says raider cs-35

my first time with nerf

my first time with a Nerf gun was like the first time seeing chocolate, how was it? IT WAS AWESOME, my first ever nerf gun was the yellow and black maverick:  it was so fun, but it was so hard to pull back for  the first 5 months, then i got used to it. I kept shooting myself in the face and shooting my dad on his bald head and his glasses and it would stick, it would stick on his bald head and he would not even notice…it’s so funny…  i’m a Muslim and i celebrate EID and when we do, we kids also get lots of money and lots of toys, when it’s eid me and my brother get presents, and my dad lets me go to ””toys R us”” for our eid present. Me and my brother was swarmin’ the entire toys R us  and i found…the…nerf…SONIC SERIES: an awesome see-through-green-plastic re-make-over of the gun,i don’t know if it’s just my head, but i think that it’s stronger then the  normal maverick…so i made this my main gun and my dad uses my old one to have epic battles, NERF OBSESSION!!!!!!!!!! (maniac laughter)

~~~due to loss of poster’s mind, we are not able to continue this post~~~